Apple Skin / Wraps

We understand that you have spent a lot of money on purchasing the iPhone. Obviously, you wouldn't want your money to get wasted by minor scratches or accidents. As a result, you should prefer getting some iPhone skins for better functionality and protection.

StickON is one of the leading and proud producers of iPhone skins in India. We offer a wide range of collection for iPhone skins. Our products are specifically designed to ensure that it fits your phone correctly thereby adding protection to it. Moreover, we have been providing skin wraps for years in various models.

Our 3D structured skins not only help to improve the look of the cover but also contribute to increasing the functionality. Since it is made from 3M and other Premium brands, you can be assured about the tight grip on the phone thereby avoiding the risk of dropping or accidentally scratching the phone.

Since iPhones are extremely slippery, you are at a higher risk of dropping it. Thus, with StickOn you can buy iPhone skins online to protect your phone. With these Apple skins, you will be able to get rid of the annoying fingerprints and would get added protection for your phone.

As mentioned earlier, since our iPhone wraps are flexible, you be assured that your phone would look the same as it looked originally just with some added protection. Well, if you are confused about the look, we have a series of iPhone wraps design each suitable for all the models.

Our premium vinyl material has been specifically designed for customers who do not want stain or scratches on the phone once the apple skin is removed. With the use of premium vinyl material, we can assure you that once you have decided to switch phones, you can easily peel off the skin without any adhesive residue. The 3M series is present in color, camouflage, charcoal, woven, slate & many more series.

We are even providing a vintage series for all the old gen lovers. It is slightly discolored and has marks on it. If you have been looking for an attractive iPhone wrap, then it is always recommended to opt for HoneyComb, Carbon and Marble series. The charcoal and matrix series is one of the most prominent and loved series by our customers. The patterned wood series has a diverse range of patterns and colors from light to deep helping you get whatever you look you desired for.

If you cant find your Phone Model, No worries, We Still have a lot of products to upload and bet we have what you want.